We’ve been on both sides of the owner-operator relationship.

On the owner’s side: we’ve held ownership shares in hotels, and have acted as owner’s representative on numerous occasions for our clients.

On the operator’s side: we have been employed as individuals for major hotel companies.

So from this unique, bilateral perspective, we certainly understand the need for an owner-friendly solution.

We understand and advocate that owners deserve peace of mind. Owners should be proud of their investments, and confident in their operations (especially when entertaining their VIPs).

So our mandate is simple, and focused: to provide tailor–made and expertly managed solutions, in an owner-friendly manner.

We deliver the typical services to the discerning level of international standards. Yet we do so in a flexible and owner-friendly way. Our contract terms for example, can be shorter to meet owner needs, and our fees are transparent and simple. We welcome the owner’s input into the asset strategy and appreciate the owner’s overall investment interests.

Some of our Happy Hotel Owners

Owners appreciate our passion for our work, our high level of expertise, and our business terms that focus on their interests. Here's a few comments from them:

  • "AGON has worked with us providing our clients with exceptional consultant services related to all aspects of hotel operational design, management and personnel activities. Their knowledge of the industry and its key requirements necessary for servicing hotel owners during both pre and post opening has proven to be invaluable to the designers, owners and ourselves throughout all aspects of hotel developments.They provide their services professionally, efficiently and systematically in a manner that is fully integrated with the owner’s development team requirements. "

  • "We enjoyed working with AGON and appreciated their ‘owner-friendly’ approach as demonstrated in their flexibility, creativity, and their keenness to approach issues from an owner’s perspective. Combined with their knowledge, commitment, professionalism, and passion for the hospitality industry, AGON does well to bring worldly hotel experience to the China environment."

  • "Your management systems, cost management, recruitment and training of staff, marketing strategies, and overall direction for the hotel have proven very successful. We look forward to future successes together and are pleased to have extended our management agreement for an additional eight years. "

  • "We enjoyed working with AGON, and are pleased to see that our vision for developing the resort has been realized."

  • "AGON’s white-label hotel management services (including operational management, technical assistance, and recruitment) have been an integral part of supporting and further developing our own independent luxury hotel brand."