As a developer, you have a site, and you have an idea of what you want to do with it. But how to make that dream into a reality? And is that idea even going to work?

Engage AGON to review your development plan, research the relevant market, and refine your concepts to ensure its greatest chance of success.

Our reports include:

  • Market Overviews
  • Facility Program Recommendations
  • Operating Recommendations
  • Financial Models

AGON uses a unique blend of business expertise, development and technical assistance know-how, and hands-on operational management expertise to provide a holistic solution that is realistic and practical and tailor-made for your project.

As an experienced hotel operator, AGON provides particularly detailed information from the bottom-up, in a micro approach for each operating department. We do not just provide typical industry percentages in our projections, but we work according to a line-by-line analysis of profit and loss accounting items for what your specific project could expect. As one example, not only do we provide an overall labour cost figure, we build a recommended manning guide for all operating positions with actual headcounts and average salaries, made possible through our work in hospitality recruitment.